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The importance of classic car insurance

Classics are rare and unique and they require specialized classic car insurance to be properly covered. There are many additional benefits available, such as flatbed towing and spare parts coverage. At Scheff Insurance, we’ll explain your coverage, why it’s important, and help you find great rates by automatically comparing quotes from up to 20 top insurance companies. Contact us or get quotes to get started.

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Custom classic car insurance plans

Get an insurance plan customized to meet your needs. There are many coverages designed specifically for classics. We’ll help you figure out what coverage to consider, what it means, and why it’s important.

Agreed Value

Set the value of your vehicle with the insurance company up front, so there aren’t any surprises if you make a claim.

Flatbed Towing

Covers the cost of flatbed towing should your vehicle become disabled away from home.

Spare Parts

Covers spare parts and automotive tools.

Under Construction

Covers vehicles in the process of being restored.

Exotic Cars

Covers modern and classic super cars.

Flexible Usage

Pleasure usage is allowed with no fixed mileage limits.

And More

There are even more optional coverages that might be right for you.

Common questions

How is classic car insurance different?

The primary difference between regular auto insurance and classic insurance is how your vehicle gets valued by the company when a loss occurs. Traditional insurance calculates your vehicle value using actual cash value. This process involves depreciation, which can be difficult with a classic. Insurance designed for classic cars uses an agreed value, which allows you and the insurance company to agree on a value for your vehicle when issuing the policy. If a loss occurs, you’re paid the lesser of the cost to repair or the agreed value.

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